2 Things, 2 Days

I was sitting on my bus, waiting for it to depart from the transit center. I watched a man walk up to a trash can and pull out a Ruffles cheddar potato chip bag, the small kind you get with prepared lunches. He gingerly opened it, peered in and began to poke around the corners for any remaining crumbs. He did this for about a minute, fishing them out of the creases.

I got off my morning bus and crossed the street to City Hall. A man was crouched down, his hands jerking, his knees in the street and the tops of his feet propped on the edge of the curb. Two other men were asking him if he was okay, and a third was hanging on the fringes. I continued to walk towards City Hall to tell our security guard to call Community Safety Patrol. The third person, a 17 or 18 year old, peeled off from the group about five feet in front of me. He walked into City Hall and straight to the security desk.

“Whenever you have the chance, try to raise your head from the busy living of your life. And if everything seems compromised or unworthy, then remember the simple and fundamental aim: to reduce human suffering wherever you find it. At least you can be sure this is a good plan, regardless of God, money, fashion, and the bloody news.” -Pravda

I came home and walked through my neighborhood to the trail. I stood with my face upturned into the snowfall, inhaling deep.




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