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Reasons to Escape to the Country

-Natural noise machines of birds, crickets, and frogs… and cows.

-Rural hospitality. It’s a cliché for a reason.

-If you’ve ever wanted to take a technology break but lack the willpower to do so while at home, the lack of cell phone reception in certain rural areas will enforce it for you.

-Country kitchens with low prices, sizable portions, and the type of service that doesn’t mind if you sit in the same booth for two hours, relaxing.

-Long chats with friends in country kitchen booths, without any distractions or worries about time. Plus, you can people watch to your heart’s content.

-Being outside in the natural world will make you happier. Go for a hike, climb a tree, roll down a hill, kayak on top of tiny medusas.

-Operate on Hills’ Time. Snail around and don’t feel bad about it, because you don’t have anywhere to be or anything you have to do.

-Hearty helpings of vitamin D.

-Few things will make you feel freer than driving on country roads with the windows down.

milky way by funcrush28

-On a clear night you can see the Milky Way, if you’re lucky.

milky way, a photo by funcrush28 on Flickr.